Qeshm Steel Development

A group of engineers and investors in the mining and metal industry established a steel complex in the Qeshm Island free zone. This idea complied with the goals and objectives of the 5th development plan of Iran. The project was to be implemented in three phases comprising of two jetties, two DRI plants, a pelletizing plant, a power plant and two steel producing plants. List of shareholders members:

Group of Investors

  • Gol Gohar Iron & Steel Development Co.
  • Gol Gohar Mining & Industrial Co.
  • Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.
  • Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel Co.
  • Ghadir International Industries & Mines Development Co.
  • Mofid Industrial & Mining Co.
  • Petro-Mofid Co.
  • Sina Development Co.
Phase Jetty Power Plant Pelletizing Plant DRI Plant Steel Making
one step 1 5 MT 1.7 MT two
step 2 5 MT
two step 1 500 MW 1.5 MT
step 2 1.7MT
three step 1 5 MT
step 2 1.5 MT