Motogen as a reputable manufacturer of electromotor in the Middle East has been founded in 1973 and at present with more than 2’000’000 annual production of single and three phase electro motors, supplies Iran, Asia, Africa and Europe markets in accordance with world standards such as DIN and IEC.Using precise and equipped industrial laboratories and applying quality management system, Motogen co. received ISO 9001 certificate from Switzerland SGS.

This company equipped with modern technology, years of experience, production potentials and trained personnel is able to manufacture wide variety of single and three phase electromotors, and also special electric motors according to the requests of customers. Supplying domestic requirements of Iran, Motogen is exporting its productions to neighbor countries, Africa and Europe. The effort of Motogen’s management and staff is to satisfy customers by presenting the best possible quality. Undoubtedly your kind comments and viewpoints would be helpful in order to reach this aim.